Monthly Archives: December 2013

More Sennheiser kit ordered

Just as we start to wind down for Christmas, the phones have started to ring off the hook. Having got some kit away to Russia I was short of low range handheld mics. Answer, buy some more. So, 10 more Sennheiser SKM5200 mkll-L and 5 more EM3732 ordered. That makes a total of more than 50 Sennheiser 5000 series handhelds in stock.

Stocking up for Russian Winter Olympics

Television Film Services has just bought in more Dolby DP571 E encoders for the winter Olympics. Shipping the kit out mid December for the long journey to Sochi, Russia. A trip that is likely to take 3 weeks. The DP571 Dolby® E Encoder eases the transition from two-channel to multichannel audio for DTV broadcasters and program producers. It enables the distribution of up to eight channels of high-quality audio plus Dolby Digital metadata via a single AES3 pair.