TalkShow VS-100 is a video calling production system designed for television studios and live event producers. Enhance every Skype video call with video and audio enhancements to deliver a great production to your audience.

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £75
Weekly Hire: £300



Broadcast-style video from regular Skype calls

With automatic aspect ratio conversions and balanced audio, and without requiring a scan converter.
Optimized on-air video
NewTek’s proprietary, real-time video processing engine incorporates superb scaling, format conversion, aspect, and color correction routines; limit return video resolution in order to prioritize quality of incoming call video.
Built-in video quality checks
Failover to custom, still image when unforeseen bandwidth constraints occur below operator-defined preset value.
Output a live video call to any production switcher and input from router or any production source to send a return image back to remote caller over IP.
Multiple Skype calls


Price Guide
Daily Hire: £75
Weekly Hire: £300