Quicklink TX Quad


The Quicklink TX Quad will allow you to easily manage 4 simultaneous incoming Skype/Microsoft Teams calls to be processed as 4 SDI or NDI™ outputs in one single unit. 


Price Guide
Daily Hire: £300
Weekly Hire: £1200


Product Highlights

Manage 4 incoming Skype/Teams calls to 4 SDI outputs
4 professional SD/HD SDI input & outputs
Supports both I/O for NDI™
Skype TX controller software with control console
Ultra low delay: For instantaneous 2 way video/audio contributions
Video and audio free from adverts
Aspect ratio correction method: Scale your SDI input picture to your requested resolution
Customisable tally or information graphic overlay back to return caller
Talkback: Switch between 3 different audio sources
Screen sharing capability
Auto-Answer function
Embedded SDI audio (16 Channel in hardware)
Remote Management Ethernet Port for bare metal restore
HD Recording Function

DANTE available


Product Information

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £300
Weekly Hire: £1200