Sonifex CM-CU21 portable Commentator Unit


The CM-CU21 is a high quality, portable Commentator Unit. Its sturdy construction and flexibility of features make it suitable for use in a wide variety of environments. Supplied with 2 x Coles mics. Sennheiser HMD25 available.


Price Guide
Daily Hire: £40
Weekly Hire: £160

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Features of the CM-CU21 Commentator Unit

2 Commentator positions plus a guest position, each with individual outputs; plus 2 mix outputs.
Talkback outputs selectable by the two main commentators, with built in limiter.
4 Return audio circuits that are routed to headphones along with all the commentator inputs. Any source can be individually level controlled and sent to left, right or both ears.
A wide input gain range and switchable phantom power on each commentary position allows support of a variety of microphone types including low output ribbon, headsets and high output phantom powered microphones.
Individually switched 48V phantom power on all microphone inputs.
User preset adjustable limiter on main mix outputs with limit activity indication.
Built in line-up tone for initial cabling checks.
21 Segment LED PPM meter showing main output level.
Transformer balanced inputs and outputs.
Fitted formica ‘Sharpie’ designation strips.
Robust mechanical design with protection for potentiometer knobs.
Universal AC mains, or 12-24 volt DC power.

Product Information

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £40
Weekly Hire: £160