XTA DS800 distribution amp


>The DS800 is an 8 input, 32 output self contained audio distribution system. In standard format each input is split into two transformer-isolated outputs (-10dB level) and two actively balanced outputs.


Price Guide
Daily Hire: POA
Weekly Hire: £60


A headphone output and associated gain control are also provided. When using multiple units the ‘listen’ facility can be cascaded such that any input channel may be listened to via a single headphone output.

DS800 Features

Self-contained, 8 input 32 output unit with auto switching powersupply, will work down to 60V mains voltage, 50/60Hz, no external power supply needed.
Ergonomically designed front panel with recessed controls resulting in a ‘cable and connector free’ control area.
5 segment LED meters on every input giving instant indication of input levels and or clipping.
Exceptional dynamic range.
Headphone ‘listen’ facility, which can be expanded when usingmultiple units.
DS800 Specifications

Inputs 8 electronically balanced. [++]
Impedance (microphone) 2k ohms.
Impedance (Line) 10k ohms.
CMRR >80dB @ 1kHz.
FOH 8 electronically balanced. [++]
MON 8 electronically balanced. [++]
Isolated Feeds 16 Transformer balanced. 2.5kVAC for 1 min.isolation.( -10dB) Source Imp < 80 ohms.
Min. Load 600 ohm.
Max. Level +20dBm into 600 ohm load.
Gain 10dB, 20dB, 30dB, 40dB or 50dB via 5 position switch. Headroom meter 5 point LED @ 0, -6, -12, -18, -30dB below clipping.
Frequency Resp �0.5dB 20Hz – 20kHz.
Equivalent Input Noise (20Hz -20kHz. Unweighted) 10dB
Gain: < -112dBm; 20dB Gain: < -117dBm; 30dB Gain: < -120dBm 40dB Gain: < -120dBm
Distortion < 0.01% @ 1kHz, +4dB output.


Product Information

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £POA
Weekly Hire: £60

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