Sonifex digital DHY-03


The Sonifex digital DHY-03 telephone hybrid is probably the best performing digital hybrid in the world, with simply stunning line balance rejection figures. For the best sounding audio calls you’re likely to hear, you should specify the DHY-03. 


Price Guide
Daily Hire: £
Weekly Hire: £100

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The DHY-03 has the following features :

Fully automatic – adapts to varying line conditions and has automatic signal limiting.
Fully adaptive echo cancellation to 127msec – default is 24msec.
76dB typical line balance rejection offering superb performance and crystal clear audio.
Front panel input and output gain controls.
Front panel LED metering of receive and send signals.
Built-in conferencing for 2 hybrids, so that a single telco channel on a mixing desk can receive 2 calls.
Integrated ring detector – automatic call answering after a pre-determined number of rings.
Automatic call disconnection. Fitted with K-break, line polarity reversal and dial tone disconnect detection, defined by the country selection.
Automatic ducking facility allows the talent to ‘shout-down’, or talk over, a caller by reducing the gain of the caller’s signal if it goes above a certain level.


Product Information

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £
Weekly Hire: £100