Wisycom CSI16T



  • RF combiner able to combine 16 inputs into 4/2/1 outputs
  • Selectable combination thru a 3 positions selector on front panel [16:1] or 2x [8:1] or 4x [4:1]
  • Used with MTK952N permits to recover the combiner loss
  • Wide band operation 470-800MHz
  • High input power up to 3W
  • Selectable extra compensation in the [16:1] configuration: connected to another combiner CSA121T, it is able to recover up to 15dB of loss



Price Guide
Daily Hire: £32
Weekly Hire: £128

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Wisycom CSI16T is a passive wideband combiner designed to work up to 3W of power.
CSI16T communicates with Wisycom transmitter (i.e. MTK952N) through coaxial inputs and allows a smart power management: combiner loss are automatically compensate on Tx side!

Product Information

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £32
Weekly Hire: £128