Wisycom SPL2216


SPL2216 is an active combiner/splitter: 2 x 2 (diversity) input are combined and then distributed in 16 x 2 (diversity) outputs. It allows a basic matrix-selection between 2 diversity areas: each input feed can be activated with a button on the front panel.


Price Guide
Daily Hire: £30
Weekly Hire: £120

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  • Wideband: 170-1260 MHz
  • High Rf robustness and linearity: for high density/equally spaced frequencies operations (i.e. with MTP40s Linear)
  • Able to feed 16 diversity receivers
  • Combine/Select signal from 4 antenna inputs
  • Redundant DC supply and antennas diagnostic features
  • Wisycom Remote Antenna Protocol to control antennas/booster remotely thru coax
  • Ethernet interface to access all of feature with a PC, making presets and real time monitoring
  • Cascade output to connect another SPL2216 or monitor devices

Product Information

Price Guide
Daily Hire: £30
Weekly Hire: £120