Wisycom RPU500-EUX-T2-R1


Wisycom RPU500 is a full duplex portable unit especially designed for reportage application. Equipped with a versatile transmitter capable of working in both VHF and UHF and digital generated modulation (narrowband/wideband). 1 watt Tx.

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  • Ultrawide band in the VHF & UHF range:
    Main channel TX (broadband):
    VHF 170-230 MHz
    UHF 440-696MHz
    UHF 714-744MHz
    USA 940-960 MHz
    Japan 160/460 MHz (optional)
    Talk-back channel RX (narrowband):
    UHF (450 ÷ 700 MHz)
    (It is necessary to keep the minimum distance from TX).
  • High transmitter power output (up to 1W)
  • Long battery-lifetime > 5 hours with standard battery pack RRC2040
  • Audio recording on memory card (SD)  Not yet?
  • Monitor & control through USB-C/Bluetooth (Wisycom Manager software)
  • 2 audio outputs (waterproof jack 3.5mm): i.e. journalist/guest
  • 1 MAIN audio input connector XLR balanced with 48V/12V phantom
  • 1 AUX audio shared input (waterproof jack 3.5mm): i.e. to broadcast recorder interview along with live comment (AUX/MAIN mixed)
  • 4 pin Hirose connector for DC power supply
  • 4 programmable buttons for talk back with remote audio routing (on additional AUX or through Ethernet with Ember+)
  • Transflective color display with high visibility in the sun
  • Ergonomic and compact size

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Daily Hire: £100
Weekly Hire: £400